(To people who still visit LJ through the F-list: HELLO! I come here to post a thing but I am sorry I am not as active here anymore. I am very actively stalking on twitter, though! :D)

The time is coming. And no, I don't mean halloween, although that is a very nice time too, a lot of black cats.

But I mean... Christmas! :DD


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I'm a horrible person. I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. Everyone that matters, that is.

I think I talked to you about Animal Crossing I think? It's so cute, that game. And when you try to explain it... it sounds silly! Because it's your character... living in a tiny village. And making friends with the neighbors. And walk around the village. And shop and go the Island. It's nice. A safe space. The magic in this game it's in the little things. How there are random events some Saturdays, or meteor showers, or people visiting the village. Things that only happen some days at given hours, and if you're not there, you'll miss it. And villagers might want to move if you're not there to stop them. It changes, it goes on as life goes. And if you're not there, you might miss it.

I don't know. I find it nice.

The thing is, the background music for the game is adorable. It changes every hour, too, so you might want to play at different hours so you just get to hear every music that it has. But what if you don't have the game? What if you don't want to play that much? What if you have other stuff to do?

That's what the Internet's about, right?

And, that's the actual point of this, someone made a page where you can hear the music that plays. Every hour. And you can have it as background music for your own life. It's so relaxing, guys.

You have to try it.

(If you want, of course!!)

[Arashi] Sakuraiba ♥

Do you want to build a snowman?

(a pesar de lo del título, esto no tiene nada que ver con los oscar. Ni con Frozen. Solo es que llevo todo el día con la cancioncilla pegada, por intentar hacerle la puñeta a mi hermano con ella xD)

Ehhhh, hola! :D

Nada, vengo a contaros qué tal con la clase esta en inglés, ya que os molesté con ello :P
Al final todo bien xD Sí que hay alguna palabreja que no me suena para nada, pero que luego el concepto resulta que sí que lo conozco. El profesor es de aquí, así que no tiene nada de acento complicado para mí. Y de momento la asignatura no parece nada complicada.

Also, no veáis cómo está. Aunque hubiera tenido un acento que no se le entendiera nada, creo que me habría quedado igualmente solo por las vistas /superficial. (si fuera un poco más stalker, le hacía una foto y os la enseñaba, I swear)

La verdad es que, a falta de empezar el TFG, que por cierto aun no tengo ni idea de qué lo voy a hacer D:, todas las asignaturas me gustan bastante. Algunas las disfruto más que otras (inglés para los negocios por ejemplo es prácticamente una pérdida de tiempo de lo lentos que vamos en clase, pero no me voy a quejar porque prefiero 30 clases así antes que otra clase de fiscalidad o contabilidad)

Puede que esté algo enamorada de la asignatura de Técnicas de Comunicación y Orientación Profesional (Comunicación a partir de ahora lol). No solo de cómo explica este profesor, si no de lo que damos. Las clases se me hacen super cortas y ojalá duraran más. Por suerte, el profesor de esta asignatura es mi tutor de TFG (seriously, con la suerte que estoy teniendo este semestre con clases, ya se me ha gastado la suerte para la lotería) y todo lo que hacemos en clase puede ser sensible a hacerse un TFG así que a ver si puedo pillar algo que me interese y que pueda desarrollar bien.

Así que ando bastante contenta con este curso. Figures, tiene que llegar el último semestre para que esté completamente a gusto con lo que hago.

Y... uhm... Oh, sí, me estoy leyendo Divergente (os dejo adivinar quien me lo ha recomendado :D). Which, yay! Estoy a nada de acabarme el segundo libro y... ¿sabéis esa sensación de que todo se va a ir a hacer puñetas pronto? Eso tengo yo ahora D:

So... yeah, that's it :P

Stay golden, my loves!!!
[Arashi] Sakuraiba ♥


So... I need help. Not really help as much as I need opinions, so I can decide better what to do.

I'll explain myself:

Today was the first day of the new semester (yay for little vacations)(spent watching S1 Buffy and reading fic) and I had only one class. But there we've been told that the subject would be taught in English. Which was not expected, because the group we usually have with English subjects is not the one we were listed in. Little miscommunications, it happens. No big deal. We can have our classes changed this Thursday, and there are two other available classes, in Spanish (with worse hours, btw), so I could have it changed if I wanted to.

But I don't know if I want to.

Since I've started the degree I've always wanted to do some course in English. Not about learning English (but I have one of those too this semester, so yay!), but taught in English. I thought it was impossible for me now to do so, because the group with English tuition had different dates for registering than the rest. And now I'm given the opportunity to do so, which is great, it really is, but now I don't know if I'm able to take and follow the course. Because I can see all the series I want in English without subs, but it's not the same as taking a class. I wouldn't be that worried if it weren't for the fact that I want to graduate this year, so I don't really want to wait another year just because I wanted to try to take an English class that was too big for me.

So... if you were me, what would you do? Should I move to another group or should I stay and try?

In case you got lost a little there, here's a little help

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I know what I'm probably going to end up doing (that is, trying out the first class, on Wednesday, and see how much of it I can get out) but I'd like your opinion anyway! <3

(amazingly this hasn't been a depressing entry. yay!)

(New Arashi single this week! Yayx2! :D)
[Arashi] Sleeping Nino

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I know I've been an awful... acquaintance. I would say friend, too (because it's true, I've been a bad friend too), but I'm not friend of /everyone/ who might read this. I don't update, I rarely comment and the last... five months I have been practically MIA from twitter too. I've only been present at tumblr and because it's very distracting and that's something that was welcome.

(I made exceptions for a few people because I'm selfish, but yeah, in general I've been pretty much away of everything)

But, you know, you've seen most (somewhat) recent updates here. Not the nicest place to be, my head. Anyway, I wanted to apologize, because I really don't mean leaving people hanging for months and while that might happen while I'm great, while I'm... not, I don't even try to. So I'm sorry.

There's not a lot to tell. I did not make any new year resolutions (because I'm not going to hold them, it's the principle of the thing. I didn't even finish the 30 days of Arashi meme, so imagine new year resolutions, come on and try) I barely keep up with series anymore [Details! :D]
(Just Teen Wolf nowadays, although I did watch Sherlock S3 last weekend and I watch The Mentalist somewhat regularly, and The Fosters are there, creeping up and How I Met Your Mother is kind of interesting now that the mother has been revealed. Kind of cute. But I mostly live my tv shows from gifsets on tumblr from people who actually /watch/ the shows. I've been watching S3 of Once Upon a Time this way, for example. Emma comes back tomorrow and I'm kind of excited, but... not. At the same time. I'm confusing, don't worry, it's not you. I'm not even interested in Jun's new drama. I have quite a lot of other dramas to watch, tho! And that I'm excited for too!)
, I do read tho. Only fics, but I read. A lot. [Details, again!]For every fic I read, I've already opened three more tabs on my browser. It's getting stupid. My browser crashes from the amount of tabs open - kind of stupid. They are mostly Sterek fics, but there's some Free! stuff too. I haven't read a lot of Arashi lately. Last week I finished my exams for the semester and until the 10th I don't have classes, thank god (or, well, not) [You guessed right, details again]
I had six courses, from which I only have grades of three. Of those three I've failed one that I'm going to pass on June even if it kills me because I'm determined to finish this year. I hope I pass the other three that I still don't know.

I'm pretty pumped up for the new semester. It's, supposedly, the last one, I have only four courses plus the TFG, which I wouldn't know how to translate (Ending Degree's Paper?), which I still haven't started, but that I'm kind of excited, even if it will be a pain in the ass. Because that's just my luck with these kind of thing. Also, it's in the Sociology area, in which I have next to none expertise. But I like, sooooo I guess I'll endure it. And complain a lot, that too. Also, the four courses that I've got sound pretty interesting and all of them are optative so that means no Accounting or Financial shit, that I hate and loathe and are probably the ones I'm failing this semester, tbh.
and I start classes again net week, which I'm not looking forward to wake up again at ass o'clock in the morning. I liked my exams schedule, where I would go to /sleep/ at ass o'clock in the morning after studying after all night. Probably not healthy, I don't care.

All of this (the entry, telling you stuff even if it's unimportant stuff) it's because I want to take these days off to... be myself again. Or... more like push myself to be active again. Because when I think about me day by day I think I'm fine, I feel fine, but when I overview my days as a whole... it's kind of depressing. Really. So I want to be more active again. And since I start it while I'm at classes, because I know me (side effects of being me for the last 23-almost-24 years of my life) so I'll start now and I'll fake it until I really want to be active again.

I probably won't succeed, but hey, at least I'll try.

[One last tiny unimportant thing]
I know I told you about getting a 3DS. I think I did. Anyway, if anyone has one too and wants to swap friend codes, do tell! I have mine on tumblr, but since it's kind of a mutual thing, you should probably send yours in. I won't say no, I swear :)
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Colorful nails



I hope Nino is giving you the birthday you deserve. Birthday sex included, of course :D

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In other happy news, it was my saint's day and even though I wanted to save enough to buy it myself, my parents bought me a 3DS! With Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which is my main focus of attention these days. My neighbors are so nice! And it's perfect because it's cute and very relaxing and there's stuff to do everyday, but you can't actually make the game pass the more you play. There's so much stuff you can do on the same day.

She's my secretary. Isn't she cute?

I swear I was going to do that Teen Wolf rambling post but the new spoilers are making me very sad and very angry so I better not do it now ):
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Entry only in English because I might be linking this to tumblr and I really, really don't want to write it more than once.

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P.S.2. I've been addicted to this song (a part from the 1D fever)(yes, I know, I have terrible friends that bring me down with them)

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