Lidren (neko_90) wrote,

I'm a horrible person. I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. Everyone that matters, that is.

I think I talked to you about Animal Crossing I think? It's so cute, that game. And when you try to explain it... it sounds silly! Because it's your character... living in a tiny village. And making friends with the neighbors. And walk around the village. And shop and go the Island. It's nice. A safe space. The magic in this game it's in the little things. How there are random events some Saturdays, or meteor showers, or people visiting the village. Things that only happen some days at given hours, and if you're not there, you'll miss it. And villagers might want to move if you're not there to stop them. It changes, it goes on as life goes. And if you're not there, you might miss it.

I don't know. I find it nice.

The thing is, the background music for the game is adorable. It changes every hour, too, so you might want to play at different hours so you just get to hear every music that it has. But what if you don't have the game? What if you don't want to play that much? What if you have other stuff to do?

That's what the Internet's about, right?

And, that's the actual point of this, someone made a page where you can hear the music that plays. Every hour. And you can have it as background music for your own life. It's so relaxing, guys.

You have to try it.

(If you want, of course!!)

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